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A Little About Us ...

We are a boutique consulting firm specialising in maritime procurement and supply chain, big data implementation, brand equity management, start up consulting and strategy management.

The Proternio Advantage

We believe that "Your business is our business"  and hence "Your challenges are our challenges". We always  underpromise and overdeliver. Our client becomes our partner right at the onset.. We call it the Proternio Advantage.

Step 1


We engage with clients’ right from the first call we receive and embark on the journey together

Step 2


Our team explores all the options and zero in on the right tool required to navigate the rough sea of challenges

Step 3


Our domain experience and innovative mind set ensures that the client always has smooth business sailing.

Step 4


We ensure that the client reaches the correct destination in terms of the desired solution and at the agreed time.

Step 5


We love to engage with the clients even after our common goals are achieved.

Our Team

Created by the best & brightest in the industry

Saurish Nandi : Saurish is a highly accomplished management executive with more than 15 years of experience in global procurement, big data analytics, spend management, optimizing supply chain networks, strategy management, brand equity management and value chain optimization. Saurish has a Master’s degree in Business Administration (specializing in Marketing) and a first class Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. He also has a Diploma in Marine Purchasing and Supply Chain from IMPA (International Marine Purchasing Association) ,UK, a certificate in International Purchasing and Supply Chain from WTO, Geneva and Diploma in Import Export from Indian Merchant Chamber of Commerce. He speaks at various conferences globally on a wide gamut of topics pertaining to Big Data, Procurement and Supply Chain .He is also a guest lecturer for master courses in supply chain and procurement and big data analytics and also writes quite regularly for various international trade magazines.

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What We Do

We offer consulting services, conduct training courses and also carry out certifications and audits.

  • Big Data Implementation

  • Procurement & Supply Chain

  • Brand Management

  • Startup Consulting

  • Strategy Consulting

  • Certification

  • Audits

  • Proternio Training Courses

  • Partner Training Courses

  • Bespoke Training

Big Data Implementation

  • Moneyball sourcing mechanism.
  • Data based decision modelling.
  • Predictive analytics. Data based PDCA cycle. Monetizing data anlaytics.



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Proternio Consulting Pte  Ltd.

120 Robinson Road, #15-01,

Singapore 068913.


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